Why donate goods to Rummage instead of selling things online or at yard sales or giving them to all the many other places that now accept donations?

  • Rummage turns your donations into money that supports 40 carefully selected social service agencies that do God’s work in helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, working with the mentally ill, supporting the refugee, working with children, young adults, the disabled and many other charitable purposes. None of the proceeds go to the church; they all go to charity.
  • Rummage is staffed by lots of volunteers with expertise—people who know the difference between fine things—an Oscar de la Renta, real silver, valuable furniture and prized collectibles—and things that aren’t. This enables them to appreciate, display and price your donations appropriately—so they earn maximum dollars for charity.
  • Rummage attracts shoppers who value what our community donates—whether it’s the expert collector who frequents Rummage because she always finds treasures or the family stretching a tight budget that appreciates getting basic clothing and supplies at bargain prices or the rest of us, who simply appreciate finding special things and getting great buys.

Besides all the high-minded reasons for donating to Rummage, there’s a more basic truth: it’s a great spur to action. What else besides Rummage could prompt us to tackle our cluttered, overloaded closets or to spend time de-stuffing the basement?