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January 23, 2019

What We Love About You

Written by: Julia Smolucha


By The Reverend Dr. Jo Forrest

Our church is much more than our beautiful sanctuary, it is the people who embody Christ to us. Every day, our hearts are filled hearing stories about our congregation and the many ways we share God’s love with each other.

As we proceed into the cold, gray month of February, we would like to find warmth in celebrating this love with “Heart Notes,” small statements of gratitude that recognize the people and feelings of Kenilworth Union Church. Perhaps you’d like to acknowledge the kind people you play Mah Jongg with; the friendly face who offered you a neighboring seat during worship; the person from Care Guild who delivered comfort food; or the Sunday School teacher with the patience of Job to teach the 23rd Psalm to your child.

Whatever your experience is, and whomever it is with, please share a couple sentences about who or what has your heart at Kenilworth Union here. We will begin revealing the Heart Notes on February 1 on our website and Facebook page, where we hope you will join us in showing your appreciation for the wonderful people of our church.

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Submitted Heart Notes

Ralph and Sallie Smith

Kenilworth Union Church is made up of families singles, couples, newcomers, and longtime friends. Ralph and I love the vibrant welcoming spirit of our church community. We feel fulfilled through worship, community outreach, a variety of activities, and friendships where we share life’s journey with others in our church family. It is a home for all ages from toddlers to seniors who feel joy upon coming in to worship and going out to serve.

Marilou Bleeker

I asked myself, “When was the last time you woke up excited to go to church?”  I suddenly realized that feeling coincided with the first time I awoke looking forward to going to church.  And it was this morning at 6:10 a.m.  I nestled into the welcome warmth of  8 a.m. worship; and there I received my weekly supply of God’s love, strength, and forgiveness, the pastors’ compassion, and their words of guidance to prompt my heart, feet, and hands into verifiable action for Jesus’ sake, starting today.  Yes, my cup runneth over.  With much appreciation to Kenilworth Union Church.

PS.  Sallie Smith has taken me under her wing, and I intend to stay there.

Will Beer (8), as told to his mom, Chris Beer

Rejoice Choir is so much fun. I like everything about it. Mrs. Bond and Miss Harrington make music fun. It’s my favorite part of the week.

Judith Wentz

Before and after the passing of my dear husband, Kenilworth Union Church was so supportive. Calls, cards, and so many lunch and dinner invitations. Unbelievable that so many, including ministers were there for me.

Marion Hanold

My heart note goes out to the simply outstanding, Bev Lang, our indefatigable Director of Business Operations. She and her team do an extraordinary job running/tidying our church which frees up our many ministry groups to do their thing. She always has our back. She moves mountains for us and helps us make smart decisions. Bev puts up with our disorganization and keeps us on the right path. She may seem tough, but she has a heart of gold. Love you, Bev

John Hales

I love the warm smile of greeting that I get from Julia, and the benefit I get from the fellowship of the men’s coffee. Many thanks to the wonderful women on the top floor who do the behind-the-scenes tasks unnoticed.

Susan Resko

Some memories I love about Kenilworth Union are lighting the candles on Christmas Eve service and the feeling of connectedness with the congregation and God. The beauty of it is inspiring. I have a sense of fulfillment every time I’m there and there is always something I take away whether a sermon, a smile, or something I learned.

Abraham Lincoln

I know that the Lord is always on the side of the right; but it is my constant anxiety and prayer that I and this nation may be on the Lord’s side.

Barbara with other members of Women’s Reading Group.

Barbara McDonough

I found Kenilworth Union and the Women’s Reading Group when I wanted a safe place where I could commune with God. My daughter was married here and it is a very special place to me.

John Martin

Men’s coffee is a great time to communicate with fellow members and relax and drink coffee.

Richard and Bonnie Simonds

Sallie Smith is always so welcoming to everyone at the church and is so wonderful in her planning of the Wednesday afternoon luncheons. We would like to thank her so much for all she does for the church.

Cam Avery

I grew up in Kenilworth one block from the church and am so glad to have found it decades later. I really look forward each week to the Sunday worship service and the Wednesday morning men’s coffee and fellowship.

Virginia Reising

What I love about Kenilworth Union Church is that the services stick with me long after I head home on Sunday morning. Every time I attend I am reminded of God’s grace and gift of love. The star from this year’s family Christmas service is at my kitchen sink and has kept the miracle of Jesus’ birth in my mind even after the rest of my decorations have been put away.