What Should I Donate to Rummage?

What Should I Donate to Rummage?
May 1, 2018

What Should I Donate to Rummage?

Written by: Julia Smolucha
  • How about donating the toys, clothes and sporting equipment your kids have outgrown, to make way for ones that do fit?
  • How about finally letting go of all those precious things you no longer need that your children have no interest in – from china and silver to fine vases, antiques and collectibles?
  • How about giving Rummage your current cellphone or computer so you can scratch your new-tech itch and get yourself the latest version?
  • How about parting with those clothes – from fine designer suits and gowns to regular clothes — that no longer fit?
  • What about donating all those things that delighted you once but bore you now? Things that are clogging your closets, attics, basements and garages that aren’t giving you any joy – that others might be thrilled to have?
  • And finally, why not clear out that storage unit now and save yourself the monthly rental fee?

Here are some of the things Rummage needs most:

  • Antiques, collectibles, vintage items
  • Furniture and rugs
  • Designer clothing and furs
  • Artwork, frames, mirrors
  • Jewelry
  • Fine housewares
  • Clothing, coats, footwear and accessories for all ages
  • Brand new items
  • Sporting goods
  • Bicycles, jogging strollers and buggies, exercise equipment
  • China & glassware
  • Housewares and small appliances
  • Relatively new electronics in working condition
  • Books
  • Toys and games

For more ideas about what to gather up, take a look at our Guide to the Departments to Rummage departments to see all the other things people donate and buy at Rummage.