Volunteering At Rummage

Volunteering At Rummage
May 1, 2018

Volunteering At Rummage

Written by: Julia Smolucha

There are many reasons to volunteer to work at Rummage and many ways to do it. Whether you can commit to being there every week during Rummage season or can only give it a few hours here or there, Rummage needs you. It takes more than 300 volunteers to operate the sale each year. Volunteering is not limited to members of Kenilworth Union Church.

You could help sort and prepare items for sale in late spring and early summer, assist customers at the sale in July, or help tidy up afterwards. Or help set up and tear down the space, provide food for workers and customers, hang signs, deliver yard signs or perform scores of other needed tasks. Whether you have a few hours to give or are ready to take on a major role, Cris Guthrie will find a way for you to help.

This year, Rummage is making a special push to enable young families to participate in Rummage, with weekly, casual, grab-the-kids-and-come Rummage Sorting Parties every Monday night from 5 to 7 p.m. between June 11 and July 9. Come join your friends and help whatever department needs additional person-power that week, while munching on pizza and sipping BYO beverages. This is designed to make volunteering easy for young families, but it’s open to volunteers of all ages!

To sign up or to explore possible roles you might take on, contact Cris Guthrie.

To receive regular updates on Rummage Volunteering, send your name and e-mail address to Vivian Vahlberg.

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