Umoja Student Development Corporation

People Served/Type of Services: Education/Child and Adolescent Development, Teens

Types of Help Needed: College and Career Assistance, Activities with Agency Clients

Service Opportunity Details: Umoja hosts “Senior Day of Action” events 2-4 times a year at Seminar partner schools. On these days, volunteers are needed to come to one of Umoja’s schools and conduct mock interviews with high school seniors. This is an opportunity for seniors to practice presenting themselves in a professional way and to work on their verbal interviewing skills. Volunteers do not need any specific type of background or skills and only need to be willing and eager to share their specific educational and career experiecnes with high school students.

Location: Chicago- Rogers Park, Bronzeville (South Side)

Volunteer Ages: Young Adults, Adults

Frequency: One-time

Frequency Details: “Senior Day of Action” events happen two to four times per year at our Seminar partner schools. If interested, contact volunteer co-ordinator for exact dates and times.

Contact Info: Staff: Caryn Turgeon, Volunteer Co-ordinator,

Other Information: The agency provides lunch for volunteers at these events and they are usually asked to volunteer for 5 hours.