Holy Family Ministries

People Served/Type of Services: Education/Child and Adolescent Development, Early Childhood, Children, Teens

Types of Help Needed: Events and Projects

Service Opportunity Details: The agency holds two major benefits yearly that raise significant dollars for Holy Family Ministries. Volunteersare greatly needed and appreciated to help in a variety of ways. Both benefits require multiple committees (invitations, guest recruitment, auction items, menu, etc.) with monthly pre-event meetings and event participation requested.

Location: Chicago-North Lawndale

Volunteer Ages: Young Adults, Adults, Groups

Frequency: On-going

Frequency Details: Every year the Spring Benefit is held in April and the Fall Benefit in November. Volunteers are asked to attend scheduled committee meetings (1 meeting per month) beginning approximately 3 months prior to the event. Volunteers devote time, beyond meetings, to individual tasks assigned in the weeks leading up to the benefit.

Contact Info: Staff: Cynthia Schmidt, Dir. or Outreach cschmidt@hfm.org 773-273-6013, ext. 405

Other Information: