1. Be a Chair: Rummage needs chairs for some departments. Chairing a department is not so hard, even if you’ve never done Rummage before. You just work with other volunteers to sort, price, tag, and organize the donations. And then, the week of the sale, you set up the department’s room at the church and manage the room with other volunteers on the two days of the sale.

2. Prepare to Lead by understudying Rummage’s three co-chairs, so you can take over next year. Don’t worry; you no longer have to pledge your life away for months at a time to lead rummage. Our three co-chairs are very busy people with their fingers in many other pies—but they have shown how to distribute Rummage leadership so that it’s manageable.

3. Use Your Muscles by helping set up in early June or take down Rummage in mid-July or carting boxes of donations to where they need to go throughout Rummage season.

4. Use Your E-skills and Networks: Rummage needs an eBay whiz to help garner higher prices for selected items that won’t fetch their true value at the sale. And everyone with a Facebook page can help spread the Rummage word by liking the special Kenilworth Union Church Rummage Sale Facebook page and sharing its posts.

5. Be a Sale Day Wonder by working one or both days of sale, Presale and Grand Sale, checking out and bagging up purchases, working security, staffing the coatroom, getting piles of women’s clothes back in order after the Presale closes, and countless other tasks.

6. Cull, Sort, Tag, Price, Organize, and Display donated items by working in one of the departments. Most of the work occurs in regular sorting sessions on Monday and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noo , and on both sale days.

7. Spread the Word by posting a Rummage flyer and asking others (a favorite nonprofit or a merchant you patronize) to post one too. Contact Vivian Vahlberg for the flyer.

8. Post a Yard Sign in your yard, particularly if you live on a fairly well-traveled street. Or better yet, volunteer to deliver signs to others. Sign up by e-mailing Cris Guthrie.

9. Be a Tester/Checker: Electronics and Toys need people to test and check donated goods to make sure they work and are complete. This is a perfect job for someone who can come occasionally, but not all the time, during regular sorting hours (see #6). Or for someone who wants a sit-down job.

10. Just Show Up and Ask the Magic Question: What can I do to help today? You can do that on any of the regular sorting days (see #6). Or on Magic Monday Nights, we will have special Rummage Sorting Parties from 5 to 7 p.m. with pizza and BYO beverages.  These are open to all but specifically designed for young families. Just bring the kids with you.