Kenilworth Union Church’s annual Rummage Sale season is about to start on Thursday, May 31, when set-up begins. Why should you consider becoming one of the more than 300 people it takes to stage this annual sale?

  1. Rummage makes a big difference to those who are less fortunate. This is not a fundraiser for the Church. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to carefully selected social service agencies that work with children, the homeless, refugees, victims of domestic abuse, the mentally ill, the hungry, and the sick. And most years, Rummage’s contribution adds up to about $100,000 in grants to these agencies.
  1. Working Rummage is fun. Just ask those who come back year after year, who love not only the camaraderie but also the tasty daily snacks.
  1. Rummage helps the planet. Just think: $100,000 worth of merchandise that could have ended up in a landfill gets reused by grateful new owners. Not only that, Rummage is run as a green event, where almost nothing is wasted. If Rummage can’t sell something, it gets donated to a charity that needs it.
  1. Rummage is a great way to make friends—and deepen friendships. Some people like the opportunity to get to know new people who are like them. Others like meeting people who are at a different stage of life. And the friendships that build when you are working together day after day can last a lifetime.
  1. This camaraderie builds the Church community. Once you’ve worked Rummage, you no longer alone at coffee after Church services. Plus, at Rummage, you easily learn about activities at the Church that might interest you.
  1. You get special shopping privileges. People who work at least 10 hours earn first dibs—the right to purchase the finest that Rummage has to offer a full two weeks before the public gets to shop. Granted, workers have to pay double the sticker price—but given Rummage prices, it’s still an enormous bargain.
  1. Youth can earn needed volunteer hours for Scouts or Church Youth Group trips.
  1. You make other people’s days. Just as working Rummage helps you feel you belong and are not alone, your friendship makes a difference to those with whom you interact. Rummage is an antidote to loneliness and isolation.
  1. It’s a good family activity—and a teaching opportunity. Lots of Kenilworth families love working Rummage alongside their kids, who see first hand the joys and benefits of service.
  1. It’s a great way to give back—to the Church, to the community and to others—for all the blessings you have received.