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September 26, 2019

Rummage Sale 2020

Written by: Julia Smolucha

Scouting for Space and Early Volunteers for Rummage 2020

Coordinators for the annual church Rummage Sale are looking to identify possible alternative locations for Rummage 2020 should additional construction be needed at the church again next summer. They also need volunteers this fall and winter to help check out and think through possible alternative locations or ways of doing Rummage if necessary.  If you have ideas, are willing to help, or if you own or know of a convenient North Shore building that might be made available next summer at little or no cost, please contact Rummage Coordinators Hope Poor, Cris Guthrie or Jenny Zervas. Among possibilities: a commercial building or residence that will be vacant for some or all of next summer or an underused church or nonprofit facility that might welcome a temporary tenant. All ideas are welcome. (No need to sign up yet to volunteer for next summer.)