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March 6, 2019

Rummage News

Written by: Julia Smolucha


By Vivian Vahlberg

We wish we could share good news about the upcoming Rummage season at Kenilworth Union Church this year. Unfortunately, we cannot. It is with a heavy heart that we must report that the church will be unable to host the annual rummage sale this summer.

The decision to take a “gap year” is not a voluntary nor an arbitrary one. Some long overdue but vital maintenance on the church grounds and facilities has to happen this summer. This will require starting smack dab in the middle of what would have been the Rummage donations window and will make it impossible to stage Rummage at the Church.

After learning of the construction plans, Rummage’s leaders thoroughly explored many alternatives to taking a “gap year,” including hosting rummage at a different site. But we concluded this just wasn’t possible this year. Staging rummage in our regular quarters is a Herculean job; staging it elsewhere would be even harder and would take more time, planning and volunteer power than we have between now and June.

But we are committed to the return of Rummage in 2020. At this point, we do not know whether more construction will be needed next summer. If it is, we will work during the year to figure out how to have it elsewhere.

We will be looking for creative ways to help fill this gap and we hope that all Church members will as well. As a start, please consider redoubling your support for the two upcoming Outreach fundraisers: the Outreach Benefit and the new Hollywood Hounds Dog Fashion Show on June 7.

We know you all will be saddened by this news. We certainly are. Rummage has been a constant source of fellowship for us all and a major source of funding for important social service agencies.

As for those things you have “squirreled” away to donate to Rummage, we encourage you to donate them to the Rummage sales of our local sister churches, Christ Church Winnetka and Winnetka Congregational Church.

We welcome your input and ideas.

Rummage volunteers: please look for an invitation soon to get together, answer your questions and brainstorm.

Thank you.
Hope Poor, Cris Guthrie and Jenny Zervas, Rummage Coordinators
Vivian Vahlberg, Rummage Communications