Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg

Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg

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Famous Last Words, VI: What Is Finished?

Date: March 18, 2018

Bible Text: John 19:25–30 |

Click here to listen to this sermon.  When Jesus had received the wine, he said, ‘It is finished.’  —John 19:30   “It is finished” is always the sixth of Jesus’ seven last words from the cross.  It’s important to finish well.  In Connecticut, Mary Fike was my next-door neighbor.  At the time

Famous Last Words, V: I Thirst

Date: March 11, 2018

Bible Text: John 19:28–34 |

Click here to listen to this sermon.  When Jesus knew that all was now finished, he said 'I am thirsty.'  —John 19:28   St. John famously launches his rollicking little Jesus biography like this: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He

Famous Last Words, IV: Dereliction

Date: March 4, 2018

Bible Text: Mark 15:33–39; Psalm 22 |

Click here to listen to this sermon.  My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?    —Mark 15:34   For the last 1,800 years, the Christian Church has taught that Jesus verbalized seven discrete sayings while he was dying on the cross, but to get to that shapely, satisfying, sacred seven, the

Famous Last Words, II: Occupy My House

Date: February 18, 2018

Bible Text: Luke 23:39–43 |

Click here to listen to this sermon.Then the thief said, 'Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.' Jesus replied, 'Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.' —Luke 23:42–43A Dialogue “Come to me?”  I do not know you— Where may be your house? “I

Famous Last Words, I: Father, Forgive

Date: February 14, 2018

Bible Text: Luke 23:32–38 |

Click here to listen to this sermon.  Then Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.’  —Luke 23:34   There’s something magical about the number seven. There are seven days of the week, the seven seas the seven continents, and the seven dwarves.  The New Testament tells

Magnificent Trilogy of Durability, I: Faith

Date: January 14, 2018

Bible Text: I Corinthians, 1:13 |

Click here to listen to this sermon.And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love. —I Corinthians 13:13   “As for prophecies, they will come to an end,” wrote St. Paul in what might be, after the Twenty-third Psalm, the most famous,

A Theology of Swarminess

Date: December 31, 2017

Bible Text: Genesis 1:20–28 |

Click here to listen to this sermon.  So God created the great sea monsters and every living creature that moves, of every kind, with which the waters swarm, and every winged bird of every kind. And God saw that it was good. —Genesis 1:21   Don’t you love the way the