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January 14, 2018

Photo of the Week

Written by: Julia Smolucha

Enjoy Chris Johnson’s Retirement Song written by Sarah Hepner and sung by members of Sunday School and the Youth Groups.

Chris Johnson’s Retirement Song
By Sarah Hepner sung to the tune of The books of the Bible song

You worked so hard in Sunday School we thought you might just faint.
Those 3rd through 6th graders can test the patience of a saint.
We wish you well in retirement, we promise not to cry.
We had such fun together, we hate to say goodbye.
But you’ve earned it, so don’t ask me or else I’m going to
Replay all 11 years of your life here.

Do I hear a request? Here goes!

Thousands of sermons while you were wearing your cowboy boots.
You did it all with such a great big smile!
Passing out at least 500 bibles,
Without mispronouncing the name of a single child! (sort of)
Singing The Books of the Bible song a million times
Beatitudes, The Lord’s Prayer, The 23rd Psalm.
Ten Commandments and The Greatest Commandment
Will forever be written on your heart.

So far, so good. But here comes the hard part. Yeah! All those Youth Groups!

Orange snacks and some toilet paper dodge ball.
Thousands of miles run in catacombs.
Scavenger hunts in the church and water balloon fights on the lawn.

We’ve made it this far…
I’m sure you can guess, there’s still more!

We always wondered why you like the Packers,
And your White Sox choice was questionable at best.
Guatemala, Haiti, and New Orleans
You went on oh so many mission trips.
We can’t forget about Habitat, singing Shalom, Chaverim
Breaking bread and praying.
Chris you are now free!
It won’t be the same without you there

We’ll miss you!