By Hope Poor, Cris Guthrie, and Jen Zervas

One of the key sources of revenue for the Church’s charitable donations to Outreach Agencies has disappeared this year as the annual church Rummage Sale takes a hiatus to make way for some necessary repairs and improvements to church facilities.

That leaves a sizeable Outreach funding gap—and it leaves many people who have goods to donate with questions about what to do with them.

We are excited to announce two new ways people can donate goods this year while at the same time benefitting Outreach.

  • Estate Sales: If you’re downsizing or managing the estate of a loved one, please know that Kenilworth Union is partnering with Sister Sales for those who wish to have a conducted estate sale with the proceeds donated to the Church Outreach fund. Sales can be conducted at any time throughout the year. Sister Sales is an estate sale company owned and operated by long time church members, Traci Groff, and Dene Hillinger.  Please contact Traci Groff for details.
  • Luxury Goods: Those with luxury designer women’s fashion or high-quality furniture or home decor items to donate this year can place them with the North Shore Exchange, a charitable consignment shop. Before you donate please check the North Shore Exchange website to make sure that what you want to donate meets their exacting standards. Then take your goods to one of their convenient stores in Old Orchard, Glencoe, or Chicago. When you do just ask the Exchange to credit the proceeds to Kenilworth Union Church Outreach. For questions, contact Wendy Serrino.

For other ideas about where to donate goods you had hoped to donate to Rummage, see the Rummage page of the Church website. Unlike the two options listed above, these options won’t produce revenue for Outreach, but are nonetheless worthy and convenient ways to donate goods you don’t want to save for Rummage next year.