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November 18, 2018

Lawrence Hall

Written by: Julia Smolucha


Holiday Wish List Drive

Lawrence Hall provides a safe space along with nurturing homes for children and teens who have been removed from their birth families due to abuse and/or neglect. Lawrence Hall takes every measure to ensure that the children/teens are provided with supportive foster parents and caseworkers that are sensitive to their trauma.

Every year, Lawrence Hall conducts a special “Wish List” program that offers an enormous bright spot for their children/teens and Kenilworth Union Church families can help!

Please consider contacting the Children’s Ministry Office to receive your specific child/teen “Wish List.” You may take on additional Wish Lists if you are so inclined. You will be given one child/teen “Wish List Sheet” which will include the child/teens name, gender, and age along with their individual toy and clothing wishes.

There is a $50 limit on the amount that one should spend on gifts per child/teen. 3 or 4 gifts are recommended per child. A few important details to keep in mind:

1. Print Wish List Sheet
2. Wrap gifts
3. Include a copy of Wish List Sheet in the each child/teen’s bag of their individually wrapped gifts.
4. $50 limit per Wish List
5. Drop off deadline is Tuesday, December 11 in Children’s Ministry office (Earlier drop off is best if possible.)
6. Repeating: Please include a copy of Wish List Sheet in each child/teen’s bag of their individually wrapped gifts.

Please let Children’s Ministry Office know ASAP if you and your family would like to participate in this wonderful program. “Your” child/teen will be forever grateful!