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As we begin this 2017-2018 Stewardship Campaign, we hope you will share in this opportunity to bring your personal gifts to the work of the church.

Kenilworth Union Church has long been blessed with a congregation that has been generous in sharing its resources—financial, as well as time and talents—to further God’s ministry. Giving is an opportunity for each of us to proclaim our belief in His Work, and the work of those he has called to serve in the life of the Church.

We are excited about the vibrant work of Kenilworth Union in worship, outreach, programs, and community.  You are invited to further your personal ministry through giving, and ask you to prayerfully pledge your commitment to God’s work in each of our lives.

We ask that you submit your stewardship pledge between now and the end of October.  You can return a pledge card to Church by mail, the offering plate on Sundays, or at our Stewardship table in the Culbertson Room.

Thank you for your consideration.

Questions? Please talk to Ann Carey, Stewardship Chair, Herb Jordan, Rhonda Jordan, Bruce Linger or Laura Linger, Stewardship Campaign Co-chairs.