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A Plastic Ocean

A 2016 adventure documentary

Australian journalist Craig Leeson searching for the largest animal on the planet, the elusive blue whale, and instead discovering a thick layer of plastic debris floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  In this adventure documentary, Leeson, who is also the director, teams up with world record-breaking free diver, Tanya Streeter, and an international team of scientists and researchers. They travel to twenty locations around the world over four years to explore the fragile state of our oceans and uncover surprising truths about plastic pollution.

The film presents beautiful and unique shots of the marine environment which contrast with footage of heavily polluted international cities and dumps full of plastic rubbish. The juxtaposition between these images sends the message that our actions and choices have severe impacts. Throughout the film, experts are interviewed to provide further insight into some of the problems derived from plastic.

Humans have been mass-producing plastic since the 1950s—Think: The Graduate: “There is a great future in plastics, Benjamin!”  We produce hundreds of millions of tons of plastic every year and production is only increasing. Unfortunately, most of it is used only once and then thrown away.

Interesting fact: The Church of England has asked people to give up the use of plastic for Lent this year.  It is their “Lent Plastic Challenge” which has arrived on a wave of anti-plastic sentiment in Britain and across Europe. 

“Plastic is wonderful because it is durable—and—plastic is terrible because it is durable.”

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