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A casual group of movie-lovers gather on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. to watch a film followed by a brief discussion.

The Innocents is the haunting rendition of a real-life story adapted from the diaries of French Red Cross doctor, Madeleine Pauliac—renamed Mathilde Beaulieu in the film, and played by a captivating Lou de Laage—who was drafted to Warsaw in the aftermath of the Second World War. One day while attending to her military patients in the makeshift hospital there Mathilde is beckoned outside into the snow by a Benedictine nun who desperately pleads with her to help one of her fellow sisters. The young, atheist doctor reluctantly agrees and upon arriving at the convent is confronted by a shocking discovery: said sister is in labor while several other nuns are also pregnant the victims of a hideous cruelty. Mathilde, the doctor learns that several months earlier, Soviet soldiers occupying Poland stormed the convent and repeatedly raped the nuns leaving many pregnant. Mathilde agrees to return and assist in the deliveries of their babies. As the story unfolds Mathilde and the nuns she secretly tends to must learn to trust each other overcoming the boundaries of language and faith in what proves a hard-to-watch but deeply moving tale of female solidarity, with some shocking twists and turns.