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A Kenilworth Union Dog Fashion Show will be held at the Kenilworth Union Assembly Hall on Friday, June 7. Is your “Hollywood Hound” looking to venture into fashion? If yes, please submit your pet’s portfolio to Katie Palmer or Jody Fisher for consideration.


    We have an option for all Kenilworth Union canine dog owners to participate in our fashion show; there will be a program book for the show with a section of dog photos and names. Submit a photo and caption in honor or memory of your dog. A full-page of recognition is $100, half $50, and $25 for a quarter page. This is a great way to recognize your best friend.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Please make your check for your application fee out to:
    Kenilworth Union Church
    211 Kenilworth Avenue
    Kenilworth, IL 60043
    Attn: Hollywood Hounds