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, RummageA Church Full of Treasures and Bargains Galore
September 28, 2017

A Church Full of Treasures and Bargains Galore

Written by: Julianne Beck

When the doors open on Kenilworth Union Church’s annual Rummage Sale July 13 and 15, shoppers will find a church filled with extraordinary treasures and deep bargains.

The church’s classrooms and meeting rooms, as well as the building next door and even three big tents outside, will all be stuffed with an amazing array of goods, all waiting to be purchased at discount prices.

Some items will suit shoppers in search of higher-end treasures. These shoppers will find shelves stocked with one-of-a-kind decorative items, fine silver, artwork, collectibles and jewelry, and racks full of designer clothing—like the items pictured above. And of course, there’s the Manse full of furniture of all kinds.

But other items will be just right for the bargain hunters looking to clothe and equip their families for as little as possible. These shoppers (and many others) will love the tables piled high with stacks of clothes—for men, women, children and infants.  There’s apparel of all kinds—including jewelry, accessories, shoes, and coats—for all ages. And bargains in every department.

With 21 departments of merchandise, there will be literally something for everyone in this sale.  There will be rooms full of China and glass, decorative accessories, electronics, housewares, jewelry, linens, and toys.  The sale will even have a department that sells brand new items.

It’s impossible to highlight in one article all that Rummage has to offer. But to get a glimpse into the immense variety of goods available, take a peek at just one of the departments—which is labeled “Sporting Goods” but is really seven mini-stores all rolled into one, under the big tents set up between the Church building and the Warwick Manse. “Sporting Goods” includes:

  • Bikes—One of the biggest sellers.
  • Sporting Goods—from balls, bats, sticks, pucks, helmets, and pads to exercise machines, athletic footwear, camping equipment, and skates.
  • Golf Pro Shop—with clubs for all ages, bags, carts, airline bags, and more.
  • Tools and Hardware—from power tools to nuts and screws to paint rollers and brushes to cabinet hardware.
  • Luggage and Garden—with suitcases and backpacks of all kinds and garden equipment, grills, lawnmowers, lawn furniture, and flower pots.
  • Pet Supplies of all kinds.
  • Big toys that don’t fit in the Toy Department inside, from preschool riding toys, slides, to skateboards, and razor scooters.

photographs courtesy of photographer Maggie Mullen: Steve Hoffman and Don Ross prepare the Sporting Goods department.

 And then there are the big items that just don’t fit in other departments that end up in the big tent because they have room—like a model B-29 one year.

Ten volunteers sort through, check, make sense of, and price the mountain of donations to “sporting goods” each year. If something doesn’t work or is ripped, they don’t sell it.  Led by co-chairs Steve Hoffman and Ron Balsbaugh, the team includes Don Ross, Marty McNulty, Robert Norfleet, Ted Read, Harold Nations, Geoff Murphy, Riley Morgan, and Ralph Smith.

The 2017 sale takes place at Kenilworth Union Church, 211 Kenilworth Avenue, in Kenilworth, IL.  There are two sale days:

  • The Premium Presale is July 13 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.  To get maximum choice from Rummage’s fabulous offerings, customers pay a 50 percent presale premium.
  • The Grand Sale is July 15 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

All proceeds are donated to charity.  We accept cash or personal check with a state issued picture ID. The name and address on the ID and the check must match. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

To view more fabulous photos by Maggie Mullen of items that may be available at the sale, visit the Kenilworth Union Church Rummage Sale pages on Facebook and Instagram.