44 Reasons To Be At Church This Sunday

By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster This Sunday, we will welcome 44 confirmands into membership at Kenilworth Union Church where they will confirm their faith, affirm their faith, and seek God’s blessing. Some hiked and canoed through the wilderness, wondering about God in the deep woods. Others met here at church on Sundays, bumping [...]

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The Real Miracle

  By The Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg This year Easter falls on April Fool’s Day, an irresistible coincidence for the Christian preacher (the sermon title is April’s Fool). Easter is a moveable feast which can arrive as early as March 22 or as late as April 25, but early or late, it [...]

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Holy Week

  By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster I remember the first time I went to a Maundy Thursday service. It was similar to what we do at Kenilworth Union—the story of the Last Supper paired with the full narrative of Christ's passion and death on the cross. I was shoulder to shoulder with [...]

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Need a reference letter?

By The Reverend Dr. Jo Forrest When I need a reference letter, I usually turn to someone who is accomplished in the eyes of the potential recipient and knows me well. So I wonder, if the axiom “Nobody gets to heaven without a letter of reference from the poor” has merit, at the end [...]

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Prayers of the People

By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster on the evening of Ash Wednesday O God, from the dust we have come, and to the dust we shall return. You know how we are formed: from the good, rich, thick, earthy soil, from the dirt, from the dust, from the earth. You remember, O God, that [...]

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Sweet on Lent

  By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster The season of Lent comes from the West Germanic word langitinaz which means "lengthening of day" and the Dutch lente which means "spring."​ The days lengthen. The sun returns. Spring emerges. In line with our Christian story, the light (that shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot [...]

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Lent, Holy Week, and Easter

All are invited to participate in worship and music during Lent, Holy Week, and Easter. The special sermon series, Famous Last Words, begins on Ash Wednesday on February 14 and continues through Palm Sunday on March 25. All are welcome to gather for Easter Sunday on April 1 for a sunrise service overlooking Lake Michigan [...]

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Thanks Be to God for the Gift of Music!

By Lisa Bond Wear comfortable shoes this Sunday, as we will be up on our feet rejoicing in all of God’s goodness! Join us this Sunday, February 4, at the 9 or 10:30 a.m. worship for our Annual Gospel Sunday worship celebration with Vernon Clark and The Heirs of Joy. Chancel Choir and KUC Youth Choir will also be offering [...]

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Gospel Music Sunday

Join us for special gospel selections by Vernon Clark and the Heirs of Joy, KUC Youth Choir, and Chancel Choir on Sunday, February 4 at 9 and 10:30 a.m. worship. Lisa Bond's Invitation

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