Summer Reading

By The Reverend Katie Snipes Lancaster I'd be lying if I made it seem as if I've had lavish reading time this year. With a new baby in the house, it was all I could do to attend to the front page of the newspaper and the latest issue of the Christian Century (not a [...]

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2018 KUC Adventures Calendar

Saturday, June 16 (Gentle Active): A hike followed by lunch at Sallie and Ralph Smoth’s lake home Tuesday or Thursday, July 3 or 26 (Cultural): Concert and picnic at the Chicago Botanic Garden: Volunteer needed Saturday, August 18 (Very Active): Kayaking or other water activity: Joan O’Neill Saturday, September 15 (Gentle Active): Lake Villa walk: [...]

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Marlene Bowen 1931–2017

We extend the sympathy of the congregation to the family of Kenilworth Union Church Minister Emeritus Gil Bowen, Mark (Margot) Bowen, Stephen (Marnie) Bowen, and Kathryn (Robert) Irvin upon the death of Rev. Dr. Gil Bowen’s wife and Mark, Stephen, and Kathryn's mother, Marlene Bowen on November 21. During the 125th anniversary celebration of Kenilworth [...]

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