By George Wishart Though I am new to the Stewardship committee, I am not new to Stewardship as a concept. Let me explain why. In 1898 my ancestors were granted thousands of acres of remote land with stunning beauty—rocks scraped bare by glaciers, the west winds shaping the pines, and the tranquility that [...]

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Builder and Funder, A Key to Our Hearts

Bruce Linger Friends, this is a personal story, one that I believe shares a secret of my heart and likely your heart. The tale includes love, gratitude, and generosity. I’m blessed to spend hours each week with our members, staff, and ministers as part of your leadership team and committee programs. I find [...]

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by Beverly Lang, Director of Operations Gratitude. It’s the word of the season. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but we have reason to begin to express our thanks much sooner. Next weekend is Pledge Dedication Sunday. Many Kenilworth Union Church member and nonmember donors have already generously pledged their support for the current fiscal [...]

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How About Today?

By Dave Gezon We stand together through the milestones of youth, from baptism to confirmation. We support one another through the milestones of our adult lives—from weddings to learning and growing as Christians. We reach out to serve those who are less fortunate in our community and abroad. We empathize and share a laugh [...]