New Ways to Donate Goods to Support Outreach

By Hope Poor, Cris Guthrie, and Jen Zervas One of the key sources of revenue for the Church’s charitable donations to Outreach Agencies has disappeared this year as the annual church Rummage Sale takes a hiatus to make way for some necessary repairs and improvements to church facilities. That leaves a sizeable Outreach [...]

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April 19 Rummage Update

News From The Rummage Luncheon By Vivian Vahlberg There is a very good possibility additional construction at Kenilworth Union Church in the summer of 2020 may preclude having a Rummage sale at Kenilworth Union Church again next summer, Rummage volunteers learned at a Rummage Volunteers Luncheon Tuesday. If the church building and grounds are [...]


Rummage News

By Vivian Vahlberg We wish we could share good news about the upcoming Rummage season at Kenilworth Union Church this year. Unfortunately, we cannot. It is with a heavy heart that we must report that the church will be unable to host the annual rummage sale this summer. The decision to take a [...]

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Rummage Fest Success

  The Rummage Fest Tuesday evening was over-the-top perfect! With the tent flaps open and blessed with a beautiful summer evening, everyone bonded while having a relaxing, happy time. The music was amazing and calming, yet upbeat. The driveway worked perfectly with the upscale food trucks that provided delectable food. The ambiance was made [...]

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Rummage: You Never Know What You Might Find

Best glasses competition at Rummage Family Night. | Ray Persino, giving Rummage Co-Coordinator Hope Poor the proceeds from a special Rummage sale. | Jacqueline Willrich with Laima Francis, modeling a donated hat that would be perfect for next year’s Kentucky Derby. By Vivian Vahlberg  2018 Rummage One of the [...]

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Making a Big Difference!

  By Vivian Vahlberg That's coordinator Hope Poor and Ray Persino of the Men's Department in the picture, celebrating the $600 Ray brought in to Rummage by his sharp eye and smart work. He spotted a donated Trek mountain bike. A biker himself, he realized how valuable it was, did some research and [...]


Rummage: Toys

  A pre-rummage photo of one of Rummage's most popular departments, Toys. Experts Tana Hitch, Vivian Vahlberg, and Rick Gordon are surrounded by boxes and bags of donated toys. By the time of the Premium Presale every toy will be categorized, counted, repackaged, and artfully displayed in an enchanting toy store extravaganza. There [...]

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2018 Rummage

Premium PreSale: Thursday, July 12 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Grand Sale: Saturday, July 14 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.