2020 Day by Day Calendars

The 2020 Day by Day Calendars will soon be here! Over forty years ago, two Kenilworth Union Church members, Becky Jones and Betsy Fyfe, came together to create the Day by Day calendar. Since then, we have sold tens of thousands of the little quote-of-the-day calendars to dedicated customers located across the US and [...]

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Estate Sales

If you’re downsizing or managing the estate of a loved one, please know that the church is partnering with Sister Sales for those who wish to have a conducted estate sale with the proceeds or a portion of the proceeds donated to the church Outreach fund.


Outreach Committee Members Needed

The Outreach Committee leads our congregation in community outreach and service. The Outreach effort encompasses financial grants and volunteer support to not-for-profit agencies serving less fortunate members of society throughout the greater Chicagoland area. Please contact either Peter Schaff at peterhschaff@gmail.com or Chris Cole with interest to join this committee.



2019 Co-Sponsor Exchange Over the past four years, three groups of church members have come together to co-sponsor with RefugeeOne (a Kenilworth Union Church Outreach Agency) refugee families arriving in the United States. Despite the limitations on refugee arrivals, RefugeeOne continues to welcome new families each week and needs partners to prepare homes, raise funds, [...]


Rummage Sale 2020

Scouting for Space and Early Volunteers for Rummage 2020 Coordinators for the annual church Rummage Sale are looking to identify possible alternative locations for Rummage 2020 should additional construction be needed at the church again next summer. They also need volunteers this fall and winter to help check out and think through possible [...]

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BARK! Hollywood Hounds

The BARK! Committee thanks each of you for your support and contributions to Hollywood Hounds. The over 225 guests enjoyed the parade of canines and their handlers dressed in adorable costumes. Prize winners are as follows: Nan and Tucket, Shih-Tzu’s (Dene Hillinger) were crowned “Best Tail Waggers”; Lord Randolph, [...]

New Ways to Donate Goods to Support Outreach

By Hope Poor, Cris Guthrie, and Jen Zervas One of the key sources of revenue for the Church’s charitable donations to Outreach Agencies has disappeared this year as the annual church Rummage Sale takes a hiatus to make way for some necessary repairs and improvements to church facilities. That leaves a sizeable Outreach [...]

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