La Casa Norte a Benefit Featured Agency

Click here to order your benefit ticket online. By Lindy Blake Melinda Blake I along with Jeannie Ashmore are liaisons to La Casa Norte, one of the agencies we serve at Kenilworth Union Church that has been chosen to be highlighted at our Outreach Benefit this year. La Casa Norte [...]

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The Cradle a Benefit Featured Agency

Click here to order your benefit ticket online. By Rachael Riggs-Gowe We would like to give you a quick introduction into the work of one of our highlighted charities, The Cradle, for this year’s Outreach Benefit on Friday, April 26 at Michigan Shores. About four years ago, I became a co-liaison to [...]

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Rummage News

By Vivian Vahlberg We wish we could share good news about the upcoming Rummage season at Kenilworth Union Church this year. Unfortunately, we cannot. It is with a heavy heart that we must report that the church will be unable to host the annual rummage sale this summer. The decision to take a [...]

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The St. Sabina Parish Food Drive, IV: Thank you!

By Roger Winship The St. Sabina food drive was a major success thanks to all the generous Kenilworth Union Church donors and the multitude of helping hands! We exceeded our last year effort by double; filling two large SUV trucks completely to the brim! We were able to spend time with the food [...]

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Do a Good Deed for Dudley Drive

Thank you Kenilworth Union Church for “Doing a good deed for Dudley”—we just dropped off donations that will support all these sweet puppies and kitties. Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, and they leave us to teach us about loss. [...]

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