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Kenilworth Union Church

Jeff Hlavacek

As per all KUC youth mission trips your roommate is unknown until you arrive so there is always a bit of excitement/anxiousness around who that might be. Upon arrival at our destination hotel in Bogota roommates were revealed. John or “Long John” as he quickly became known, was my bunkmate. An introduction began earlier on the trip alleviating some of the “get to know you” and John’s gregarious personality further eased any awkwardness.

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David Honoré

So I guess I am obsessed with bread and baking, not only on the mundane level as a job, but on many symbolic levels having to do with Spirit, purity, the hereafter, and the nourishment of not only the body but also the nourishment of the soul. Yes it is the symbol of 'The Bread of Heaven' for me and for many others. If not for you, that's fine. If I'm honest I do have somewhat of an obsessive personality, spiced with the love of drama, spectacle and art; I'm an opera singer after all. Ha!

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Have you ever enjoyed a fruit sandwich? Not a tomato sandwich (which is a fruit) but a sandwich filled with actual fruit. I have. A few weeks ago when hiking across Scotland and northern England it was standard practice for the proprietor of the B&B where we had stayed the night to pack us [...]

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Mary Caywood

We were visiting our son, daughter-in-law and 15-month-old granddaughter Julia in DC to help them move into their new house. Melissa wanted to go to a service at the National Cathedral and asked if I’d like to go along. We loaded Julia into the stroller with all her paraphernalia, including much needed snacks, and set [...]

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Don Farnsworth

In a brief but delightful story, we have a reversal. Don Farnsworth, celebrates his daughter’s willingness and creativity to take the helm in baking. Anna discovered the sourdough method of bread making and I confess to not understanding the science behind. Somehow it is magic in continuing from week to week and batch to [...]

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Sue Smart

Last week Sue Smart shared this remembrance. My fondest memories of bread are from my maternal grandmother. Although her family employed a cook to help with raising their six children, my grandmother baked bread each Saturday. Sandwiches or toast or any other way the family consumed bread came from her loving hands. Once she had [...]

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In Deep Gratitude For Faithful Ministry

By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster This week, Anne Faurot resigned from her role as Assistant Director of Children's Ministry, after 10 years of ministry at Kenilworth Union Church. She spent those ten years delighting in God's presence with children, telling biblical stories, singing sacred songs, developing new programs and creating relationships [...]