Kenilworth Union Church

Kenilworth Union Church

Inverness to Mull

Sunday, October 6, 2019 Day 5: Kenilworth pilgrims celebrated World Communion Sunday at the Fort Augustus Kirk of Scotland, Inverness where the Reverend Anthony Jones preached an elegant sermon about the feeding of the 4,000. His congregation welcomed us warmly. Kathy Evertsberg and Beverly Jones share notes on the special responsibility a wife [...]

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My Heart’s in the Highlands

Saturday, October 5, 2019 Day 4: We drove north from Perth into the beautiful landscape of the highlands. A distillery visit and at the Highland Folk Museum we find model of Jamie Frasier or what he may have wore in the 1700s. Then, close to our destination for the night, we visit the [...]

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Braveheart Territory, Stirling

We begin the day with a guided tour in St. John’s Kirk of Perth. Here John Knox preached the sermon which set light to the Reformation in Scotland. A short coach ride then brings us to Stirling—a city steeped in history. We hear about two of Scotland’s greatest heroes, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Stirling Castle, sitting on a volcanic crag, fortified since ancient times, provides a memorable visit.

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Summer 2019 Project

September Completion Summer, typically a time of leisure and relaxation, saw bustling activity at Kenilworth Union Church! We are pleased to report we are just finishing up on the important maintenance work that we discovered we needed last fall. The major work we have completed includes an entirely new foundation and structure along [...]

The Future is Bright!

New Director of Operations John Sharp, 847-853-2003 Your collective prayers in support of our search for a new Director of Business Operations have been so fruitful. After working with professional search firms and interviewing a breadth of qualified candidates, we are delighted to share with you that John Sharp has accepted this role [...]

Bev Kirk

This bread story starts with apple crisp. At Washburne many many years ago I taught Cooking to sixth graders. We first made “toasty cheese yums”. Our second lesson was apple crisp. I might be the only person who remembers there were apple trees out in front of Washburne. We picked the apples and we [...]

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Marilyn Winchester

When I was around six, my family went to visit my great grandmother. She must have been in her 80s. She didn’t see or hear very well but my mother wanted her to show my mother how she made bread. She measured up flour and added ingredients. I think my mother asked how much [...]

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Ralph Smith

A story from Ralph Smith about his grandfather: My grandfather, Bishop Randall was well known and loved for many years in the city of Chicago. He not only represented the Episcopal Church but to me he represented all that was holy and sacred. I often attended church when he conducted the service and presided over communion. During those times I learned the importance of breaking bread together and the specialness of doing it with him. Each summer my family and I went to Long Lake in Phelps, Wisconsin. We would spend nearly three months in the woods where we enjoyed boating, playing baseball, eating at the lodge, and reuniting with friends. 

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Bill Davis

A story from Bill Davis about the bread made by his wife Judy: Judy was a wonderful hostess. She loved to entertain small groups for dinner or cocktails and good conversation. But she was probably a better guest. Her housewarming gift any time we were invited to someone¹s home was a loaf of fresh baked bread. She made several types, but the favorites of friend and family were her pumpkin, strawberry, zucchini, and sesame seed breads.

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