KUC Adventures

Tickets for Lightscape are now sold out and so we consider our group full at this time. If you would like to be put on a waitlist to join our group in case someone needs to cancel, please go to the RSVP sheet and add your name and indicate that you would like to be [...]

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The Three Ships

By Ken Harris, President Last year, when I spoke briefly at the annual meeting, I mentioned that the Church would follow a path of three priorities I called Three Ships: Membership, Stewardship and Kindership—the last focusing on children and youth ministries. One year later I am pleased to say we have made meaningful [...]

Adult Education

Women's Faith Circle According to ancient Greek myths, hope is an evil that comes out of Pandora’s box to confuse the human spirit. In Christian faith hope is a positive, divine power of life, giving us an expectation of good to come out of even the most turbulent times. For this reason, the [...]

“Growing Young” at Kenilworth Union Church

By Silvi Pirn The next generation of young people has everything to do with the future of Kenilworth Union Church. While many mainline protestant churches like ours are experiencing “aging and shrinking”, Kenilworth Union may be in a unique position to capitalize on on its historically strong youth ministry to strengthen and grow our [...]