Church Stories

Church Stories

Fall Children’s Programing

By Christine V. Hides “It feels happy to be at the table with all the people,” was a child’s answer in our wondering about the story of the Good Shepherd and World Communion. Yesterday we delighted in more stories of bread from the congregation, the Bible, in worship, and in Wondertime. After the story [...]

A Minute for Wilderness

Written and led by Nick Bond, Declan Bornhoeft, Freddy Groff, Blaise Ricciardi, Michael Shubny, Henry Timmerman, and Silvi Pirn This church’s Confirmation week in the wilderness is fairly unique—some churches have “Confirmation Camp” where maybe you go to a summer camp, and eat in the dining hall, and sleep in bunk beds. [...]

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Children and Family and Music Ministries Registration

Registration is Open For children in preschool through eighth grade: Please register for Sunday School, Breakfast Club, Children’s Choirs, Faith234, and Youth Groups—all in one easy form! New: Everyone will register online annually to ensure we have correct contact and safety information. Thank you for registering before Homecoming Sunday on September 8. [...]

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On Radishes and Self-Control

By The Reverend Christine V. Hides A cleverly designed study, described in the book Switch by Charles Heath, in which people were asked to eat radishes rather than the homemade cookies on the table in front of them demonstrated that self-control is an exhaustible resource. After internal supplies of willpower needed to resist [...]

What Is a Story of Bread In Your Life?

Click here to view the wonder of bread in our life stories submitted by members. By The Reverend Dr. Jo Forrest When I served a multi-cultural, Latino congregation, the senior minister asked members to bring bread reminiscent of their home country on World Communion Sunday. Our table could not hold the plenty and [...]