Church Stories

Church Stories

July–August 2018 Youth Update

July is the peak of Summer. Long hot days with lots of outdoor time. Camps and travel are in full swing. August then, must be a “quiet month”—time to rest and rejuvenate for the year ahead. Anyone with teens knows it can be anything but quiet. Families are squeezing in last-minute camp- and [...]

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Wacky Wednesdays

  Who:  Anyone in grades 5–senior in high school What: Join Junior Bell Choir When: Wednesdays from 6–6:55 p.m. (includes dinner!) Where: Music Room Why: To experience God's glorious music, to have lots of fun, and fellowship Cost: Free There are many youth programs at Kenilworth Union on Wednesdays during [...]

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Day by Day: 40 Years and Thriving

  Forty years ago, two Kenilworth Union Church members, Becky Jones and Betsy Fyfe, came together to create the Day by Day calendar. Since then, we have sold tens of thousands of the little quote-of-the-day calendars to dedicated customers located across the US and abroad. The 2018 calendar was a wonderful success, selling [...]

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A-maze-ing Installation

  Part III: Labyrinth Final Product By Mignon Dupepe and Cindy Fuller The labyrinth at Kenilworth Union Church has only recently been created to commemorate the church’s 125th anniversary, but labyrinths have been known to the human race for more than four thousand years. Traditional designs evolved from the spiral forms [...]

Counting On God

  By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster Numbers matter: 24/7 probably means something to you, as does 360. When you check into your hotel, maybe you don't want to be on the 13th floor. If you are assigned a number at a conference, you might balk at being number 666. Maybe you [...]

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June 2018 Youth Update

IMPACT Cuba: simple truths where life is complicated By Silvi Pirn The last two weeks of June, two teams from Kenilworth Union Church took part in this year’s IMPACT mission trips to Cuba.  As it is with IMPACT, each of us learned truths about ourselves and others and [...]

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A-maze-ing Installation

  Part II: Labyrinth Spirituality By Mignon Dupepe and Cindy Fuller To commemorate Kenilworth Union Church’s 125th anniversary, a garden labyrinth is being built for the church grounds. The decision to incorporate a labyrinth was founded by research of the benefits of using a labyrinth [...]

Rummage Fest Success

  The Rummage Fest Tuesday evening was over-the-top perfect! With the tent flaps open and blessed with a beautiful summer evening, everyone bonded while having a relaxing, happy time. The music was amazing and calming, yet upbeat. The driveway worked perfectly with the upscale food trucks that provided delectable food. The ambiance was made [...]

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