Church Stories

Church Stories

The Importance of Routines

By Christine V. Hides For years my husband and I sang the “moon song” to our girls before bed. By the fourth year we parents were over it, yet they strongly protested when we tried to introduce a new song into the routine. Parents sense that bedtimes are a sacred ritual for children, [...]

Volunteer and Make a Smile

One of the easiest and best ways to bring a smile is to send a short note of encouragement, happiness, and love to our members who are homebound and no longer able to attend. If you would like to do this wonderful service as a part of Caring Connections, please contact Don Farnsworth. To [...]

Morning Prayers

By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster Do you pray in the morning? Maybe it's easier to pray at night: the burdens of the day build up and almost urge us to pray. But by morning, rested and recharged, there's a different song on our heart—one of hope for what might unfold. I [...]