Ministry Highlight

Ministry Highlight

Joy and Bubbles

By The Reverend Christine V. Hides Joy!  was the theme for our first Sunday of Wondertime—our Summer Sunday school for preschool−first grade children. Each week we explore a new picture book and a messy, outdoor activity. Each week we will send a quick list of super-fun resources for you to try at home—or [...]

Memorizing My Verses

Children's Day By Christine V. Hides I was apprehensive about the answers I would receive when I asked the third graders what Bible passage I should memorize for Children’s Day, this Sunday, June 2. Would they suggest something too long for me to learn? Or a passage from the Old Testament that would be [...]


By Christine V. Hides The newest parody video from the Holderness family perfectly describes the schedule that is May for many families. With their signature humor and a bit of snark, they sing about end of year projects, concerts, and sports banquets—to the tunes of familiar Christmas carols. The video resonates because this [...]

Slowing Down

By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster I know a teenager at New Trier who has school from 7:10 a.m. (taking an early bird course) to 3:25 p.m. (when ninth period ends), goes home for a moment to do some homework, has dinner in the car on the way to sports practice, and [...]

Asking Real Questions

By Christine V. Hides “When you answer a question at church, you will be right 90% of the time if you say 'God' or 'Jesus.'” This is a joke I have heard pastors tell children many times over the years. While they usually aren’t wrong, they should be. If our goal is [...]

Wow, God!

By Christine V. Hides Future dogs, rainbows, “when the sun sets down in the sky,” music, moms and dads, brothers and sisters…these are just a few of the things children answered when we have asked, “what makes you say, wow!?” We use this question as part of our prayer time, as a way to [...]

Beyond the Empty Tomb

By Christine V. Hides Do not be surprised if older children begin to question the Easter narrative about the disappearance of Jesus’ body.  As pre-adolescents develop abstract thinking and reasoning skills, they may seek more scientifically plausible explanations. They may tell us they do not believe this part of the story. Our answers [...]

Who is Jesus?

By Christine V. Hides “Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!”  Yesterday’s Palm Sunday Parade and Art Chapel were an exciting way to begin Holy Week, when we observe the events of Jesus’ last [...]

Spoiler Alert

Lent and Children By Christine V. Hides “Spoiler Alert” is a necessary phrase in the age of the internet where we might come across a review of a movie or tv episode before viewing it. Those who reveal essential plot twists without proper warning are met with outrage on social media. The empty [...]