Printable Prayer Cube

Prayer cubes are a fun way to engage children with mealtime grace. Take turns rolling the cube to choose the prayer for that meal. Prayer cubes can be purchased online, or you can download this printable version.


The Importance of Routines

By Christine V. Hides For years my husband and I sang the “moon song” to our girls before bed. By the fourth year we parents were over it, yet they strongly protested when we tried to introduce a new song into the routine. Parents sense that bedtimes are a sacred ritual for children, [...]

Morning Prayers

By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster Do you pray in the morning? Maybe it's easier to pray at night: the burdens of the day build up and almost urge us to pray. But by morning, rested and recharged, there's a different song on our heart—one of hope for what might unfold. I [...]

The Ritual of Blessing

Rituals are an important part of faith formation. Rituals can be as simple as a greeting shared each day after school or as full as an entire church service. These practices provide stability, comfort, and meaning to our days and weeks. This week identify a blessing that you can share with your children [...]


Small Gifts Making a Large Impact

By Christine V. Hides Each Sunday children cheerfully place a portion of their gifts to God in the chapel offering. They come with dollar bills and quarters, lovingly tucked into hands and pockets. They often run to the offering plate, eager to give. This year’s children’s offering is given to La Casa Norte, [...]

What’s Next
In Sunday School

By Christine V. Hides Our journey through the Bible continues with the stories of Jesus’s life, teachings, and ministry this Sunday, January 13. Kenilworth Union Sunday school lessons follow a chronological pattern. In September we began with the earliest stories of the Bible including creation, Noah, Abraham, and Sarah. We learned about God’s [...]


Christine V. Hides I would never admit this to my seminary friends, but this week I will take down our Christmas tree. As we head into the new year, I’m ready to reclaim my house from the mess of Christmas. While my hunch is that the majority of people take down their decorations [...]