Adult Education

Adult Education

WWI Windows

By The Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg Franklin Bellows, Purcell Macklin, and Manierre Ware attended Sunday School here at Kenilworth Union, and when they grew up to be young men, they enlisted in the United States Army, and gave their lives for their country in World War I.  As we mark the 100th [...]

Rock Star: The David Saga

The Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg Palace intrigue. Fratricide. Regicide. Coups d’état (several actually). Vaulting ambition. Sexual seduction. Esquire-worthy masculine pulchritude. Incest. Incompetent royals. Corrupt royals.  Bromance, just the subtlest soupçon of same-sex attraction. Infidelity. A season subscription to Chicago Shakespeare Theater?  Actually, I was talking about the Bible, specifically the David Saga [...]

Summer Reading

By The Reverend Katie Snipes Lancaster I'd be lying if I made it seem as if I've had lavish reading time this year. With a new baby in the house, it was all I could do to attend to the front page of the newspaper and the latest issue of the Christian Century [...]

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Discovering Scotland 2019

Two years ago, Kathy and I accompanied a few Kenilworthians to the Holy Land to walk in the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth. In the fall of 2019, we hope a few of you will join us for a tour of The Other Holy Land to walk in the footsteps of John Knox, the [...]

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