Who is your candidate?

Dear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

Who is your candidate?

This past week, crowds gathered and were whipped into frenzy with cheers and fists, drawing sides as candidates promised to protect from our evil opponents.  Each tried to persuade us no one else was equipped to lead us. They alone had our best interests at heart and could make us happy. Our future was at stake.  This drama plays out every four years.

Another crowd will gather on Sunday, waving palms and singing hosanna, “save us.”  Palm Sunday begins the holiest of weeks for Christians, in which we remember, in word and deed, the day two thousand years ago when people celebrated Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem.  They thought he was the messiah to overcome the evil empire and bring about happiness.

We celebrate Palm Sunday every year to embed in us the reality that Jesus is the only one truly willing to lay down his life for us.  He is the one who remains committed to us each and every day and throughout our lives.  Jesus is not concerned with our “happiness,” but rather restoring our relationships with each other and God.

Come to worship on Sunday.  See the power in humility.

Reverend Jo Forrest