Theophilus’ Legacy

Dear Friends,

Stories of Kenilworth Union Church are preserved in I Thank My God Upon Every Remembrance, the 100-year history we love and continue to read (honestly Bill, Katie, and I have all read this book).  The stained glass windows in the Centennial Room, the needlepoint in the Culbertson Room and the tapestry hanging in the east entrance all tell stories of the people in this Church.  Plaques of board members and past presidents remind us of leaders and the broad collection of people who have been called to serve others.  Even reading the stones in the Memorial Garden stirs memories of those who loved this Church so much to select this as an eternal resting place.

This Sunday we will turn from stones in the cloister to a sermon series based upon The Acts of the Apostles and the people who risked life to bring us to life.  This Sunday we will consider Theophilus’ legacy and how he inspired this Church into becoming what God—and we—need in this corner of the world.

I look forward to seeing you at 8 or 10 a.m. worship,
Jo Forrest, Associate Minister of Congregational Care