Take Care of Your Business

Dear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

The front cover of the New York Times Sunday’s business section proclaims, “A CEO’s Management by Mantra.” The news story reported the radical introductions at AETNA, from encouraging meditation along with other practices to enhance employee health, AS WELL AS reporting an all-time record high for stock price. The article included other Fortune 100 companies who have changed the game by not just allowing, but encouraging meditation, and other mindful-practices.

As I look back at the senior executives who have spoken at the Emerging Leader series within our Faith and Leadership series in the past year, one common theme rises:  all senior leaders expressed a disciplined commitment to his or her faith and spiritual health through some combination of personal prayer, annual silent retreats, or weekly service in addition to worship.  They described the costs associated with committing time and passion — sometimes hard-fought in discerning what was meaningful — but also the life-sustaining rewards from remaining invested in these practices. To silence the voices of culture and critics and remain grounded as a child of God does not come without work.

This Sunday, listen to Kevin Flynn describe his long-term experience in Christian meditation. You can practice with him in a safe place.

Next Friday, hear Sally Blount of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management speak of prayer.

Becky Knight will lead conversations in what it means to give in service to others and worship.

You will hear humility in the challenges of remaining faithful to the disciplines. You will witness strength from years of working out.

Consider what you may learn and be bold to try something. Once or twice. Maybe a habit.

Thanks be to God for this community of faith,
Reverend Jo Forrest
Associate Minister for Congregational Care