Stephen Filled with the Holy Spirit

Dear Friends,

The Acts of the Apostles holds the roots of our Kenilworth Union’s practice of ministry from electing officers by a committee—and with prayer—to calling and commissioning individuals to serve.  It’s stories of baptizing new members into the faith as a congregation and opening wide the doors to all who are curious, cautious, and confirmed in faith are found repeated by us year after year—thanks be to God.

Our Stephen Ministry program takes its name from the apostle Stephen whose only appearance in the New Testament is in Acts.  He is a man of wisdom and filled with the Holy Spirit in his ministry—just like those we call as Stephen Ministers.  He is also willing to stand with the confidence of the gospel against the challenges of the maddening crowd.  He tells a story of faith and is an integral part of our story.

In our next episode of the Ancient Modern Family, we will meet those who rose to be heroes, some who fell into being villains, and can marvel at the wonder of our Savior.
I look forward to seeing you at 8 or 10 a.m. worship,
Jo Forrest, Associate Minister of Congregational Care