at the water’s edge

Dear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

To me, summer is about water.  It is about traveling to the water’s edge. As a kid, summer meant being toe to toe with Lake Michigan, dangling my feet over the edge of a little bridge over the creek by my house, or diving into the neighborhood pool for early morning swim practice.

This summer and into the fall, I am collecting water, photos and stories for my Doctor of Ministry thesis on Baptism.  My hope is that, with your help, we can visually and tangibly explore God’s water promises to us, and share the places where God has met us — the Kenilworth Union Church community — at the water’s edge.

Would you collect some water?  Would you submit a photo?  Would you share a story?

Photos can be of (1) your baptism, or a family member’s baptism (2) any sacred place at the water’s edge where you have encountered God.

Water can be from anywhere: a lake, river or ocean; a rainstorm; the drinking fountain at a favorite place, from school or work or church, from the faucet at your home or the home of someone you love.  I even have special travel size containers for the water, if you would like one, just ask.

Stories can be about (1) meeting God at the waters edge, (2) the story of your baptism or a family members baptism, (3) or a special connection to a story from scripture about water or baptism.

The Kenilworth Union Church board has already begun to submit photos and stories.  The IMPACT Mission Trip and Vacation Bible School participants have already begun to collect water.  I hope you will join in this water project!

May God be with you, wherever you go.
Rev. Katie Snipes Lancaster
Associate Pastor for Children and Youth Ministry