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Encounters with Rabbi Jesus, II:
The Eye of the Storm

Jesus’ “do not be afraid,” confronts so many truths. Fear is infectious—one fear-inducing circumstance aroused doubt that Jesus was present and spread from one disciple to another. Fear is dangerous because it turns us away from God. Fear can take us from focusing on what God has done and can do, limiting what we can and are willing to do. Jesus’ earthly life is bracketed by warnings against fear. The angel announcing his conception says to his mother, “Do not be afraid.” The angel announcing his resurrection to the women at the tomb says, “Do not be afraid.”


Encounters with Rabbi Jesus, I:
Is There Enough?

The scarcity we feel is completely manufactured. Harvard economist Sendhil Mullainathan and the Princeton psychologist Eldar Shafir write in Scarcity, “while scarcity plays a starring role in many problems, abundance is what sets the stage.” Scarcity thrives in a culture where everyone is aware of what others have and what we lack….Worship is the respite from all the “should be’s” and “not enough’s” we continually hear. Receiving God’s mercy in worship reminds us we are loved and valued by God. We are enough.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, VIII:
A Pride of Lions

In the seventeenth century, the Tower of London kept lions as a spectacle for the curious crowds; the price of admission was a dog or a house cat for the lion’s supper.

The lion is a ferocious beast, so perhaps it’s no wonder that before the dawn of more enlightened attitudes in recent years, a den of lions was a popular instrument of execution, as many Christians discovered to their dismay at the Coliseum in Imperial Rome. Before Nero, there was Darius, the King of the Persians, who’d never heard of gallows, guillotines, electric chairs, or lethal injections, so he used three-inch canines instead.


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