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Gifts from the Dark Wood, VII: Misfits

A sermon on Palm Sunday
“Hip! Hip! Hooray’s!” of thousands of adoring and perhaps inebriated locals and tourists celebrating the Passover Holiday, confident that this Carpenter from Nazareth will quickly accomplish the second Exodus from Roman bondage as Moses led their ancestors in an Exodus from Egyptian slavery.

His processional is happy, proud, spectacular, and triumphant, but the victory is effervescent, isn’t it? Bananas have a longer shelf life. Literally. In four days he will be in chains and in five he will be dead.


Gifts from the Dark Wood, VI: Disappearing

So we’ve been talking about gifts from the dark wood : blessings that don’t look like blessings when we first experience them. Things that happen when our lives are dark. Things that happen when our lives are entangled in a dense forest thicket.

And you can plainly see why invisibility or disappearing is a dark gift, right? It’s both dark and gift. To put it another way, invisibility is both affliction and superpower.


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