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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, III:
A Shepherd’s Life

From the very first book in scriptures through the last, sheep are constantly present. This existence, between sheep and shepherd, stands as an ever-present reminder of our relationship with God. Just as sheep cannot survive alone, they need the security of the herd and protection of the shepherd; we too will perish if alone. Each of us needs each other and God. We cannot be a Christian all alone.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, II:
The First Theologian

So he happens upon Eve, in all her wide-eyed, dewy innocence, minding her own business, loving God her maker and becoming one flesh all day long with Adam, and tending her perfect garden. You’ve read Paradise Lost. Haven’t you? She lives in God’s perfect garden, you see, and has no experience of evil and is completely blind-sided by her crafty interrogator; her artlessness is no match for his guile.


Profiles in Courage

And I just thought this was a timely word from the Lord to us, 2,000 years later, in a world which is almost as cruel and almost as dangerous as Simon Peter’s. Like Simon Peter’s world, our world is one in which innocence is always imperiled. I don’t even have the vocabulary to talk about the craven infidels who explode screws and bolts out of backpacks at tweenage girls, or execute busloads of tourists in Egypt, and so this week Peter’s words were God’s word to me. Even in a world of titanic malice, we have nothing to fear but God Godself. I needed a profile in courage.


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