Worship at Kenilworth Union Church : Prayers of the People

The Prayers of the People is a prayer offered by a minister in the course of a service of worship for and on behalf of the congregation. Traditionally, the prayer has occupied a prominent place in the period of prayers in the Sunday worship service. Here at Kenilworth Union Church, it is usually prayed by the liturgist after the first scripture reading. The Prayers of the People is the means to an end: to the worshiper’s coming into the actual presence of God.

Recent Prayers of the People

The Great Prayer
—June 11

You freely give these gifts to those who are made in your loving image, but from old, we choose over and over to turn from you and trust our own world, believing the work of our hands and the voice of others to be of more value than your unseen yet enduring hope.


Prayers of the People
—May 21

Pastoral Prayer on Youth Sunday
Carly Duris
Today we pray for everyone in the Senior Class of 2017: give each of us courage and strength, surround them with wise mentors and kind traveling partners, and let us be sent into the future with a sense of hope and joy. We pray for parents and siblings, teachers and friends who send us into such new adventures: give them peace. For we know that your wise guidance and your Holy Spirit surrounds us as we make every new journey.


Prayers of the People
—May 14

As we rest in the security of your sanctuary, we are aware of the terrors and aggression so many face. Against the injustices in this world, we pray that we will choose to stand for what is right and against what is wrong. We pray our voices will not fail, our backbones remain strong, and our hearts, ever compassionate.