Worship at KUC : Pastoral Prayers

The Pastoral Prayer is a prayer offered by a minister in the course of a service of worship for and on behalf of the congregation. Traditionally, the Pastoral prayer has occupied a prominent place in the period of prayers in the Sunday worship service. Here at KUC, it is usually prayed by the liturgist after the first scripture reading. The Pastoral Prayer is the means to an end: to the worshiper’s coming into the actual presence of God.

Recent Pastoral Prayers

Pastoral Prayer – September 7, 2014

….for this church, and our witness to the world as the body of Christ. We give you thanks for those who came before us for their vision, and commitment to welcome all who seek to know you through Christ. We ask you to bless this congregation with courage to proclaim the good news, inspire future generations, and boldly step into a future, becoming all of what you ordain.


Pastoral Prayer – August 31, 2014

We pray you will bless all who labor, from senior executives to janitors, surgeons and nurses to security guards, teachers and coaches, writers and cooks, truck drivers and electricians, those who change diapers and love our children. All who labor are members of the body of Christ, working to sustain families and contribute to your kingdom. Let our labor be done with honor. We pray all will be treated with integrity and fairness.


Pastoral Prayer – August 3, 2014

Whatever may happen in our lives, we need not be uncertain of the future for you have declared that you will triumph over all evil. You have been our help in ages past and surely you will be our very present help in years to come.


Confirmation Wilderness Canoe Trip: A Sending Prayer

We go into the wilderness for Confirmation because God writes the Gospel, not in the Bible alone, but on the trees and flowers and clouds and stars. The writer of Psalm 8 must have experienced something similar, for the Psalmist writes, “When I look at the heavens, the works of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established… O Lord, our God, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”