Worship at KUC : Pastoral Prayers

The Pastoral Prayer is a prayer offered by a minister in the course of a service of worship for and on behalf of the congregation. Traditionally, the Pastoral prayer has occupied a prominent place in the period of prayers in the Sunday worship service. Here at KUC, it is usually prayed by the liturgist after the first scripture reading. The Pastoral Prayer is the means to an end: to the worshiper’s coming into the actual presence of God.

Recent Pastoral Prayers

Pastoral Prayer – November 30, 2014

God within us: You are the still small voice we hear when no one is speaking, reminding us we are made in your image and whispering to us to see your divine image in others. Help us silence all the noise of what our culture tells us about ourselves and others so we can be startled again by your love for us and all people.


Pastoral Prayer – November 9, 2014

We are blessed with freedoms and privileged to vote, speak and act in this nation. After such contention and argument, we pray for our newly elected leaders that they will be filled with courage and work to serve the people with fairness for today and our future.


Pastoral Prayer – October 26, 2014

God, we are grateful for the church of your son, Jesus Christ, the way it gives us life. In the sacrament of baptism, help us remember the promises made when we received the grace of water, we are claimed as your children and joined to Christ forever.


Prayers of the People – October 19, 2014

Good and Gracious God, we give thanks for this beautiful fall morning, for crisp air and leaves of vibrant colors, and the transition of the seasons. As one season ends and a new one begins, let us be grateful and mindful that you provide new life each day, and that you are the one constant that we can rely on as the anxieties of our work, our relationships and the world weigh heavily upon us.


Pastoral Prayer – October 12, 2014

On this Chicago marathon weekend, where sisters and brothers gather round to cheer on their favorite family runner, remind us to give thanks for the work of our own body. Call us to care for ourselves, O God, to care for our body, mind and spirit, as part of loving you, O God. Call us to extend such care to our families, and remind us that we are precious in your sight, O God. We thank you for those parts of ourselves that are healthy, and we pray for your healing presence in those places that are in pain.


Pastoral Prayer – September 28, 2014

Holy God, we give you thanks for this day. As we breathe in the autumn air and see the leaves begin to change from deep summer greens to bright fall oranges and reds, we cannot help but wrap ourselves up in gratitude for this, your gift of creation. Allow such beauty to give us hope, to inspire us, to show us new ways of living attuned to your goodness.