Worship at KUC : Pastoral Prayers

The Pastoral Prayer is a prayer offered by a minister in the course of a service of worship for and on behalf of the congregation. Traditionally, the Pastoral prayer has occupied a prominent place in the period of prayers in the Sunday worship service. Here at KUC, it is usually prayed by the liturgist after the first scripture reading. The Pastoral Prayer is the means to an end: to the worshiper’s coming into the actual presence of God.

Recent Pastoral Prayers

Prayers of the People—May 15

Holy God, even in these more-chilly hours of spring, this new day echoes a grandeur beyond imagining: much to our surprise, the birds sang with the sunrise, the trees blossom with that rich plum and lavender hue, and the morning sunlight finally breaks through the clouds.
Your earth echoes hope, and it lifts our spirit.


Prayers of the People—May 8

We remember, O God, Ruth the Moabite, who went childless into a foreign country, only to become grafted into a new family. We pray for all those women who seek refuge in a new land, especially for Syrian mothers who are fearfully sending their children across continents for safety, and for Syrian women who will face the vulnerability of giving birth in an unknown place far from home.


Prayers of the People—May 1

We bless you that we are awake and aware, and free to praise you. We are bound up in the family of Christ, here in this place, and with every Christian in every land, worshiping in their mother tongue, as we do ours. With gladness, we are part of your pattern and purpose.


Prayers of the People—April 17

Risen One, be with the Nigerian girls, kidnapped by Boko Haram, some of whom were shown this week to still be alive two years later. Risen one, be known to us in the beating of their hearts. And, O God, be in Ecuador, where an earthquake unraveled a city, killing 77, and in Japan, where the earth also shook, taking dozens of lives. Risen one, be known to us in the earth’s shattering news.


Prayers of the People—April 10

We give thanks for the commitment of our Confirmands:
for the scriptures they’ve studied,
for the faith they’re beginning to forge,
the puzzles they’ve pondered,
the questions they’ve asked,
the misgivings they’ve confronted,
the friends they’ve made,
the discipleship they’ll promise.


Prayers of the People—April 3

God we thank you for the blessing you have given us, the ones who believe without seeing. May the doors of our church be open to all and that doubters be welcomed here and be inspired by faith. We praise you for the saints before us who have believed and those with us today whose lives are lived as witnesses to you.