Worship at Kenilworth Union Church : Volunteers

There are numerous ways (listed below) that you can volunteer to help our choirs. If you are interested in helping the music ministries program, please email Lisa Bond.


  • Chaperone KUC Performances: Assist choir while changing robes and forming the processional. Serve snack.
  • Chaperone Off Site Events: Help supervise performances or lunches.
  • Snacks: Provide snack or beverages for children’s choir the day of performance.
  • Robes: Assist in washing, organizing and assigning robes.
  • Bake Sale: Oversee a bake sale table after services.
  • Driver: Drive children to a performance or lunch.
  • Music Library and Music Folder Assistance: Organize, file. and distribute music.


  • Robes:Assist director and others in organizing and assigning robes.
  • Music Library and Music Folder Assistance:Organize, file, and distribute music.
  • Data Entry:Assist in entering new music into the database