Have you noticed that Kenilworth Union Church is a cake church?  Any time we have something to celebrate, we have cake.  On cake days, the Culbertson Room is brimming with cake-filled children and youth.  They anticipate cake with great joy, and sometimes ask me, “Will there be cake today in the Culbertson Room?”  The answer is almost always, “yes.”  We are a cake people, and no matter what age, we gather around the cake table.

Next Sunday, we will also gather around the communion table.  Before communion, you might hear the words, “This is the joyful feast of the people of God.”  Like those who come joyfully to the Culbertson Room for cake, we invite you to come joyfully to God’s table for communion.  Our communion wafers are even gluten free.  Communion is our chance to remember Jesus’ resurrection story, to participate in the mystery of God’s presence with us, to celebrate that we are all part of the body of Christ, and to anticipate God’s promises to us of justice, peace and new life.

The communion table at Kenilworth Union Church does not belong to us, but to God.  At God’s table there are no outcasts, no strangers and no unwanted guests.  All are welcome, no matter what age, to gather around the communion table.  If your soul is hungry for God’s feast, come and be fed.

Rev. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Interim Associate Pastor for Children and Youth