Liaison Job Description

The Liaison is a critical link between the Church, specifically  Outreach Committee, and a particular Agency.  Liaisons are the advocates for the Agency; however, they are also asked to be stewards of the Church’s funds.  The Outreach Committee appreciates the commitment of each Liaison in maintaining a relationship that ensures we are aware and informed of each Agency’s activities, leadership, financial condition, and volunteer opportunities.

The importance of the Liaison function cannot be overstated.  An Agency must have a minimum of one, and preferably two, Liaisons to receive a grant.  Any new agency applying for a grant must have two Liaisons to apply.


Responsibilities of Liaisons:

  • Get to personally know the workings of the Agency . . . its mission, the profile of the population it serves, funding resources, and any initiatives in staffing and programs to meet its mission.
  • Conduct at least one fact-finding on-site visit to your non-profit each year to learn more about the organization and to discuss the direction of the Agency and any planned changes and improvements to the operation. Ideally, this meeting will be with the Executive Director, but with larger organizations you may be meeting with the Chief Operating/Administrative Officer or the Head of Financial Development/Fundraising.
  • Keep the Outreach Secretary, Kathy McCabe, aware of any changes in contact information for the Agency that occur during the year.
  • Write an annual Liaison Report due in early April each year. (You will be provided a questionnaire to complete.) This report is designed to provide the Outreach Committee with information and your perspective on the Agency to help the Committee to make thoughtful, well-informed funding decisions.  Also, contact the Agency to ensure they too file their grant application to Kenilworth Union on a timely basis.  A Liaison should be familiar with the content of the Agency’s grant application.
  • Meet with representatives of the Outreach Committee once each year in May to present Agency information and your funding recommendation, and to answer questions from committee members about the agency and its grant application.
  • Identify, communicate, and potentially coordinate volunteer opportunities for Church members to help at the Agency.


Liaison Commitment:

  • Liaisons are asked to serve a minimum of three years.
  • Liaisons are asked to attend a brief training session in December or January.
  • It is strongly urged to have a team of two Liaisons working together with one Agency.
  • Liaisons are asked to help identify replacements when they “retire” from their role as a liaison.