Food for Families Guidelines for Care Guild

Freezer Instructions:

The Care Guild freezer is in the basement at the bottom of the NW stairwell (stairwell is near the Kitchen/Centennial room.) The key is in a magnetic box, the team leader will advise where to find this key.

In the freezer, you will find casseroles, soup, and cookies. You will also find heart cookies that are not meant to be the dessert, simply the Care Guild ‘calling card’ for each food delivery.

  1. Take the food from the freezer, pack it in a shopping bag with red heart on the side (on the desk next to the refrigerator.)
  2. Take a note card from the top drawer in the desk and write a short note to the person or family, sign it “from the Care Guild” and put it in the bag.
  3. Attach a heart cookie to the bag.
  4. Record the date, and to whom it is being delivered on the clipboard on top of the cabinet.
  5. Remember to lock the freezer.

The Care Guild provides the main course and dessert. We ask you to supplement with a side and a salad and/or bread. Thank you.

Special Diet or Empty Freezer

If there is nothing in the freezer, the family has special needs or you simply want to, please buy the dinner (such as Bake 425 or A La Carte). Remember to include the “heart cookie” and Care Guild note card with your delivery and record the delivery in the notebook by the freezer. If you would like to be reimbursed, please give your receipt to the accounting department with a check request.

Delivering Food

Rather than calling and asking “Would you like some food?” (too easy for people to say, “Don’t bother…”) identify yourself as a member of the Care Guild, and say, “We have something for you from the Church – when would be a good time to drop it off – or where could I leave it?” Also ask them if they want the meal to remain frozen so they can enjoy at a later date, or if they want if for supper that night so you can allow frozen food to defrost before delivery.

If you find you have a long-term situation where a family might need meals regularly for a week or two, please let Jo Forrest know.

If it seems appropriate, visit with the person or family. They might need more than food! Please let Jo Forrest know if you think that the person might be in need of a pastoral visit.