DysFUNctional Family Vacations

This weekend as I take the baton from Jo Forrest, continuing our sermon series on “Dysfunctional Family Vacations,” we will consider our own journeys intermingled with  the stories from scripture.  Over the next three weeks we will hear how the books of Genesis and Exodus connect, telling a full story of God’s faithfulness in the midst of the always complex world of global power struggles, economic crisis and unemployment.  In each story, our main characters, Joseph and Moses, travel between homes, between families and between cultures.  It is not your typical family vacation, but it is quite a journey.
Joseph’s journey takes him from Canaan to Egypt, an archetypal journey for any biblical character.  But, he gets there by way of a roadside ditch, being sold into slavery by his own brothers.  I hope that none of your family vacations have been quite that dysfunctional this summer.  Come hear what happens next, this Sunday, on an “Unexpected Wagon Ride.”


Katie Snipes Lancaster
Associate Minister for Youth and Children