DysFUNctional Family Vacations

Two years. It is hard to believe it has been two years since I accepted your call to serve as an associate pastor at Kenilworth Union. In some ways, it feels as though I have been here more years and yet I am reminded daily of how fresh and new our ministry remains.

At the time I accepted the call, I was slogging through airports on a weekly basis, eye-ball deep in consulting projects, managing new product rollouts, selling my home and planning my wedding – all experiences that have prepared me to serve at Kenilworth Union.

At the time Kenilworth Union offered this call, our church was embarking upon the first of many transitions – all experiences that have propelled us into discerning who we are, how we are to embody Christ’s church on this corner of God’s world and what we are called to become.

As we are currently eye-ball deep in the DysFUNctional Family sermon series of our early Israelite faith history, we are reminded of how God is revealed in the twists and turns of life. Even when someone creates havoc and divisions erupt, forgiveness and reconciliation remain possible. When we are stranded in darkness and struggle with “what’s next,” we can become more aware of God’s presence and guiding hand. Just like our Israelite family, our future is not our own, it is God’s and when we learn to just swing out wide, being all of what God intends, we may be more delighted with our lives than any small plans we might otherwise have conceived.


Jo Forrest
Associate Minister for Congregational Care