Care Guild Job Descriptions

Care Guild Positions:

  • Team Leader:  Point person for the month’s activities, the team leader learns of the Care Guild needs and assigns them to team members.  The Leader meets with Jo Forrest and the previous month’s leader to understand ongoing needs and follow up care from the previous month.
  • Team Member  is assigned to a month and gets instruction from team leader to deliver a meal, write a card, visit, etc.  The team member is available for duty during his or her month, but depending on the needs of the congregation, may or may not receive one or more assignments.
  • Cook:  join others periodically to prepare meals for storage in the Care Guild freezer.
  • Driver:  pick up and drop off members who do not or cannot drive for Kenilworth Union events.
  • Caring Connections:  occasional visits and ongoing companionship to those who may be housebound.
  • Substitute: on call position, flexibility to cover assignment when someone is needed to fill in