Stewardship : The Gift of Legacy

“Kenilworth Union Church has been the spiritual center of our lives for years. We want to make a gift that will help the Church continue its mission and benefit generations to come, but it sounds complicated! Where do we start?” 

This concern is shared by many of our members as they reflect on the importance of Kenilworth Union Church in each of their lives, and what is needed to secure the future of our great Church. During your lifetime each of you have given faithfully to its ministry through an annual pledge, a memorial gift in honor of a loved one, volunteer service, or other generous commitments of time and assets. Each gift is gratefully received in support of our Church mission and God’s work on Earth. Your selfless contributions are a personal expression of gratitude for the many blessings in your life, and critical to the life of the Church.

Through the ministry of planned giving, we have a unique and final opportunity in our lives to share the love of Christ and thank God for our beloved Church. A planned gift comes from the accumulated assets of a lifetime, and is a way to protect the longevity of a church home we hold dear to our hearts. It is a lasting legacy which will preserve your most sacred values well into the future. Additional details are below in the brochure.

Planned giving can be as simple as adding a bequest to Kenilworth Union Church in your will or making the Church a beneficiary of a personal trust, individual retirement account, or life insurance policy. There is no gift that is too small or too large. If you have designated the Church as a beneficiary in your estate plan or are considering making a planned gift, please call or use the enclosed response envelope to inform us so that the Church can include your gift in future planning. We would be most appreciative if you would take a moment to complete the form and return it at your earliest convenience.

The Gift of Legacy has become a true blessing for Kenilworth Union Church. While donors may surely remain anonymous if desired, we would like to recognize those members who have named the Church in their estate plans. Please review the enclosed details of The Gift of Legacy and let us know of your interest in your reply. We would be delighted to address any questions you may have about planned giving at Kenilworth Union Church.

Thank you for your generous consideration.

Faithfully yours,

Roger Winship, Co-Chairman
Bill Hart, Co-Chairman
William A. Evertsberg, Senior Minister