Stewardship : 2017‒2018 Stewardship Campaign

stewardshipOur goal for the 2017-18 Stewardship Campaign is to match the growing momentum in the work of our Church with the financial commitment needed to support its increasing impact.

Stewardship has consistently been a critical enabler to the work and missions of Kenilworth Union. Last year, we were blessed with a generous step-up in giving toward the 2016-17 Stewardship Campaign.   That increase in giving—the first in a number of years—was an important measure of the congregation’s renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Please prayerfully consider your support, thinking about the role Kenilworth Union Church plays in your life, as well as its vital ministry in our community.

You can pledge online at, or you can return the pledge card to Church by mail,
the offering plate on Sundays, or at our Stewardship table in the Culbertson Room.

Our campaign is off to a great start, with early pledges from our trustees and leadership donors.

We hope you will join in the renewed spirit of giving. Your generosity and support are so important to furthering
God’s work through Kenilworth Union Church.