Senior Minister Search

Welcome to the KUC Senior Minister Search information page. We are excited about the opportunity ahead but also recognize the significance of identifying KUC’s next Senior Minister for all of our members, our ministers and staff, and our beloved church. To this end, we will strive to keep you informed throughout the process by updating this web site in addition to intermittent announcements through the bulletin and direct correspondences. We encourage you to use this page to seek information on our approach, the key characteristics we will seek in a Senior Minister, and other resources that will enhance your understanding of the KUC search process.

Please feel free to contact any members of the Search Committee directly. Each of us represent the committee and at the same time each of us should reflect the perspectives of our fellow church members. Alternatively, we are open to receiving suggestions, questions and feedback through email at Most importantly, we strongly encourage you to send us names of any candidate that you believe fits the ideal characteristics of the next great Senior Minister at Kenilworth Union Church.

Very truly yours,

The KUC Senior Minister Search Committee

Kitty Bliss
Lisa Bond
Kevin Gazley
Diane Hart
Cammie Hoban
Mike McGill
Lyn Little
Bill Steinmetz
Bob Underwood
Brad Wigdale
Keith Yamada, Chair
Donna White, Search Committee consultant (