Photo of the Week

Thank you for donating items, volunteering during summer sorting and on sale days, purchasing blue bags for our agencies, and shopping! With about 250 volunteers we raised about $100,000 for our 40 agencies and we could not do it without members’ support.

Sarah Lyons and Sarah Hepner

Sarah Hepner and Cris Guthrie

Rick Gordon, Bill Guthrie, and Vivian Vahlberg

Richard Simonds, Marty McNalty, Jack Mills, Harold Nations, Steve Hoffman

Richard Day and Bill Evertsberg

Ray Schooley

Marilyn Winchester, Cher Mruczek-Sharp

Linda Padgitt

Laurie Petersen and Jacqueline Willrich

Laree Bobo, Mei Aden, and Hope Poor

Karin Balsbaugh and Bev Kirk

Judy Vandeveld and Gail Pascus

Joby Berman and Mary McWilliams

Jen Zervas

Gina Gooden, Cindy Lillard, Carol Hunt, Nancy Southwick, and Katie White

Earl Tuckman

Diana deMeuse, Jack and Judith Wentz

Dene Hillinger, Diane McIntyre, Ingrid Richards, and Laurel Lien

Carolyn Armstrong

Carolyn Armstrong, Marion Hanold, and Bev Kirk

Cammie Schumacher, Laima Francis, and Sherry Fowler

Bill Steinmetz, Elza Garnett, and Linda Bates

Bill and Kathy Evertsberg

Beth Fritz

Ann Perce and Joan Bergstrom

Trevor Rodgers and Rick Cooper

Pam Ross, Melanie Earle, and King Poor

Martha Hoza and John Martin

Laura Radcliffe, Becky Lippensharf, Anne Gezon, Jan Storlie, Betsy Jaeschke, Eileen Boudart

Laree Bobo and Mei Aden

Judy and Jack Vandeveld

John Hales and Doug Aden

Joan O’Neill and Trent Anderson

Jim Fritz

Jennifer Weaver and Cher Mruczek-Sharp

Hope and King Poor

Geoff Murphy, Sherry Fowler, and Jen Zervas

Carol Reed and Diana deMeuse