The Great Prayer
—June 11

Adapted from Thom Shuman

Who is like you, God?
You could have kept creation for yourself,
but instead you
poured light into the darkness, and
shaped companions to journey with us.
You freely give these gifts to those
who are made in your loving image,
but from old, we choose over and over
to turn from you and trust our own world,
believing the work of our hands
and the voice of others
to be of more value than your unseen
yet enduring hope.
Prophets come along to teach us your way,
so we might walk in your truth,
but we ignored their truths.
Finally Jesus came, so we might learn to love as he loved.

Who is like you, Jesus, son of God?
You came into our world.
With parables and simple truths,
you opened our ears so we could listen
to honest words of life and comfort.
Grounded in that hope no one can see,
you opened our eyes so we can glimpse
touch, taste, and live in the kingdom.

You suffered on the cross and by God’s love was raised so death would not be the final end. In our baptism we become members of your body, heirs of your grace.

Who is like you, Spirit of Creation?
You plant the seeds that become
the grain which is turned into bread;
you warm the vines that nurture
the grapes which are for the cup;
you transform these simple gifts
into a meal set before us.
May the broken bread give us strength
so we may go to serve
the vulnerable with our whole hearts.
May the cup offered to us open our ears
so we may listen to the oppressed
with attention focused only on them.

We join our voices with all the children, saints and sinners before us, praying as Christ taught.